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SPOILERS for CABIN IN THE WOODS are below, so don’t read this if you haven’t seen the movie.

I’m serious.

It’s funny how when you tell someone not to do something, they do it and then get mad at you that they did it.

Well, I’m here to tell you- don’t read the spoilers below.


My only question about the movie leads to more discussion, so with that said:  what real world horror movie do you think caused the “glitch” in 1998?  I’ll say Gus Van Sant’s remake of PSYCHO- a mostly shot for shot remake?  Why would the same “scenario” get chosen twice with pretty much the same outcome?  Sounds like a glitch to me…

My favorite movie with vampires in it.  

My favorite movie with vampires in it.  

One of my favorite comic book series of all time… I miss stuff like this.

One of my favorite comic book series of all time… I miss stuff like this.

I know that I’m in the minority concerning this, but DAY OF THE DEAD is my favorite out of all of George Romero’s “DEAD” films.  Things are at their lowest point in this one, and it shows…

I know that I’m in the minority concerning this, but DAY OF THE DEAD is my favorite out of all of George Romero’s “DEAD” films.  Things are at their lowest point in this one, and it shows…

This Just In…

Rumors of my demise have been a bunch of motherhonkin’ lies, playa.  Coming back with a gameplan for this mickie fickie.  Trust me…


The following story has a lot of history behind it.

I was fresh out of college, and was wearing the “WRITER” tag proudly on my chest.  I was in full on submission mode.  I submitted this story to a zombie anthology- if any of you know my history concerning my writing endeavors, you’ll be able to figure out which one.

What I’m getting at is:  this story sucks.

It was written through the eyes of someone fresh out of school that hadn’t been able to find their own voice just yet.  The fire was there, but the experience?  Not so much.

I’m posting this because this story, as it was written, needs to die.

What it will become after death, however… well, that’s something I’m working on.

It will be available before Halloween, I guaran-damn-tee.

But in order to get there, I need to exorcise this particular demon…

If you’re willing to see what all my personal hubbub is about, check it out after the jump.

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Alyn Day is an emerging horror writer with quite the engaging and fun presence on Twitter, plus she makes for a great zombie. She currently has a guest post up on Christian Jensen’s Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children blog (one of two, which is a first for that site!, and can be found on the web at as well as on Twitter at @Z0mbiegrl.

Why is this important?  Well, Alyn’s also the first ever subject of a little segment I like to call “Meat Casings Who Dig Horror”.

Enjoy after the jump!

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I wrote this a couple of years ago during what I like to call “The Lost Year” when I lived in a shitty apartment with a married couple that I knew through work.  I showed it to a woman who had a key to the apartment (the wife’s friend) and was desperately trying to be my girlfriend (a long story that makes me see red and has made me come up with a ruleset entitled “How To Figure Out If Some Woman Might Kill You In Your Sleep”), and she wanted to know why I wrote about sex a lot.

There’s no blatant sex in this.  She was weird in the brain.  I did not date her.  Or have sex with her.  Because she never, ever would have left me alone if said deed had been done.  That’s another story for another time…


There are vultures.  Nasty, nasty vultures.

SIDENOTE:  I have no idea what the hell I was doing with the old timey narrative here.  Young me was dumb.  Current me is still dumb.  This place is called “The Immature Macabre” for a reason, you know!  Oh well…

This one’s called “Carrier”.

Enjoy the badness after the cut.

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This Is All Kerfluffled

I should have done this post first.

I’ve got… what, three blog thingamabobs running now- one dedicated to me navigating the world around me via writing and my influences, one dedicated to my experiences as a gamer when I have the gaming taste of an old man, and now… this. This one’s a little more… secluded, I suppose, but it is here all the same. On the internet. Where everyone can read it.

Ruh roh.

What IS “The Immature Macabre”, you ask?

Well, it’s about all things horror and what it means to me. Over all, for me, horror ranges from trying to survive the murdering spree of an undead killer that supposedly drowned in a lake thirty years ago to getting a phone call you absolutely do not want to get at three o’clock in the morning. Horror is everywhere, it exists in every situation, it filters into our lives at every turn whether we like it or not.

The parent who suddenly can’t find their child in the grocery store. The elder member of the family that’s had trouble remembering things here and there… and one day, they don’t know who you are.

This wimby wambly rambly thingamabob, however, won’t be THAT serious all the time. I plan on taking a look at the wild, the weird, and the wacky- the horrific things that stand out to me. They might not make any sense, they might be immature, but the situation that lurks around every corner?

That’s horrific.

Why do I like horror, you ask?

Because I’m insane, man! I eat people juice!

…wait, that’s not me, that’s MC Pee Pants.


I like horror because it combines two things- it’s a complete escape from the normalcy of life, and when done right, leads to some amazing character moments in the process. I eat stuff like that up, and I find that all the enduring horror tales that are out there (too many to list, and I don’t want to get in trouble) end up being wonderful little character studies about what to do when Things Really Go Long.

So, yeah.

That’s what this place is all about.